NC  LF  Reception Reports Received for winter 2004 - 2005

Antenna in use for the following receptions was a single 45 foot  #14 vertical wire with NO top hat.

The loading coil is elevated with it's top about 4 feet above a metal roof.  This puts the antenna just under the maximum Part 15 total antenna length.


No. Name Location Distance Date
  1 Larry Putman Pasadena, Maryland  339 miles 02DEC04 (screen shot)
  2 Steve Dove Elm, Pennsylvania  405 miles 02DEC04


Mitch Powell London, Ontario  537 miles 02DEC04 (screen shot)
  4 Lewis Denton Mobile, Alabama  553 miles 03DEC04
  5 Laurence Howell Bartlesville, Oklahoma

 878 miles

04DEC04 (screen shot)
  6 Roger Magnuson Duluth, Minnesota 1007 miles 04DEC04 (screen shot)
  7 John Andrews Holden, Massachusetts  671 miles 04DEC04 (NC in Tough Neighborhood)
  8 Stan Laine Cape Cod, Massachusetts  698 miles 05DEC04
  9 Jay Rusgrove Burlington, Connecticut  603 miles 29DEC04