MAMS Activity Reports


                14 July 2006    10 GHz    W4DEX rain scatter contact with W4ZRZ

                Jimmy and I just completed our initial 10 GHz contact via rain scatter.  I'm sure Jimmy is QRV for more.


                14 July 2006    10 GHz    W4DEX rain scatter contact with K8TQK

                   After several previous unsuccessful attempts, last evening Bob, K8TQK, and I made our initial 10 GHz contact via rain scatter. 


11 July 2006    10 GHz    K4TO reports rain scatter contact with W4ZRZ 

"I just completed a QSO with W4ZRZ in EM63rt from EM77wx on 10.3681 ghz.  We worked via CW and SSB with 55 and 53 signals on rainscatter.  The headings we used were very close to the direct path with a scattering angle of 178.4 degrees.  The direct distance between us is 317.95 miles.   This is a personal best for me on 10 ghz."   

(This is probably the first Kentucky to Alabama 10 GHz contact.  W4DEX)


1 July 2006   "Microwave Activity Day"

W2RG operating from EM78tx starting approx. 9:15 EDT.

10368  K4EFD  EM78   ~89 miles
10368  K8TQK  EM89   ~60 miles
10368  K9AYA  EM79   ~32 miles
 5760  K4EFD  EM78
 5760  K8TQK  no luck
 5760  K9AYA  EM79
 3456  K4EFD  EM78
 3456  K8TQK  EM89
 3456  K9AYA  EM79
 1296  K4EFD  EM78
 1296  K8TQK  EM89
 3456  W9SZ   EM69   ~128 miles
 5760  W9SZ   EM69
10368  W9SZ   no luck
 1296  W9SZ   EM69


NE8I operating from QTH Grid EN82jm Beverly Hills Mi

K8MD EN82, KB8U EN71, WA8RJF EN91, NQ2O FN12


W9SZ, EM78tx
I think this must have been the most active MAD ever in this area (Cincinnati  many miles).  It was certainly my first as a rover, and 
I loved it.

From EM78tx, I had contacts on various bands 1296 through 10368 with 
K4EFD, K9AYA, K8TQK, and W9SZ.  Also heard 2-m activity from W4DEX,  WA4DFS, KB8U and others, but my microwave path to them was too

K4EFD, operating portable from EM78bk near Borden, Indiana

Arrived there about 7:30AM. K4TO was having IF rig problems so was unable to work him. Worked K8TQK over a 153 mile path on all bands from 
903 MHz to 10 GHz.Signals  were 2-3 S units above normal due to enhancement. Fog was lying in the valleys and there was a slight overcast but 
sun was still beaming through.

Worked W2RG near Alexandria, Kentucky over an 87 mile path on 1.2, 3.4, 5.7 and 10 GHz.

Heard KB8U booming in on 2 meters and tried to work him over a 251 mile path on 10 GHz but was unsuccessful.

Tried to work W9SZ over a 99 mile path on 3.4 and 5.7 GHz path but no luck.

Traveled over to the other side of the hill and worked WA4DFS on Mount Mitchell over a 265 mile path on 10 GHz. Ed had been patiently
waiting for me to show up 3 hours late. Ed and I have consistently worked the path from Mitchell to Louisville many times. This was 
about the 6th time. Path analysis shows this path to be almost line of sight.

Suspended operations at about 2PM.