Experimental Station




Licensed by the United States Federal Communications Commission

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Operator Name Warren 
Ham Call K2ORS
Frequency: 137.7796 KHz
Mode: Slow CW 60 second dots (QRSS 60), also QRSS 30, 8 wpm cw i.d.
Operating Hours: 22:00-12:00 UTC (sometimes longer)


Experimental Longwave Transmissions from Tower Hill

Wayland Massachusetts

GRID: FN42hi



Stone Tower at WD2XGJ

(Click here for stone tower information)



Transmitter: G0MRF type

Finals: IXYS HiPerFET Power MOSFET IXFN55N50 
500 volts at 55 amps
Currently running 28Volts at 14 amps input
Output ~265 Watts (As measured with an HP410C RF Voltmeter into 50 Ohm Dummy Load)


Antenna:     Transmitting Loop RG-11 Coax, braid & inner conductor tied together

                              Loop 80 Ft Vertical by 145 Ft Horizontal  



Antenna Tuner (Tree Mounted)

3000 pF Vacuum Variable

3000 pF Sangamo Transmitting Mica Cap



XGJ received by Ko Versteeg, NL9222, The Netherlands 16 October 2005


 Reception Reports Welcome:   k2ors <AT> comcast.net