Experimental Radio Station

 Stanfield, North Carolina, USA  Grid EM95tg

For details about this FCC Part 5 Experimental license see the main page at:    http://www.500kc.com/



WD2XSH / 10  Reception Reports  (Initial report from each station.  QSL with serial number will be sent)

     Received by      Call              Location


Time UTC


1 David Lang WY1F Waterford, CT USA 18Sep06 0121

QRSS 3 mode in SpectrumLab, partial clean copy in SE CT

2 Lloyd Chastant W3NF Marrottsville, MD USA 18Sep06 0218

Nice copy hr tonight and good copy on the CW ID de Lloyd  0218z....

 Click for wav file of 15Oct06 copy


Jay Rusgrove


Burlington, CT USA

18Sep06 0218
Strong enough to work at 20 wpm!

Todd Roberts


Hilton Head Island, SC USA





Strong enough to work at 20 wpm! 
599 with some QRN in the background. Receiver Icom R75 with 160 meter dipole 
5 David Gaytko WD4KPD Washington, NC USA 18Sep06 0256 Quite audible w/cw here in Washington, NC /FM15MM
6 Glenn Scott WA4AOS

Laurens, SC      USA

18Sep06 0300 Good job, I did not realize you were only running 5 watts!
7 Conard Murray WS4S / WD2XSH/11 Cookeville, TN USA 20Sep06 0120
Confirming a 2X CW qso from WD2XSH/11 to WD2XSH/10
8 Dale Parfitt W4OP Glenville, NC USA 26Sep06 0135 I copied your full call from the next room where I was watching TV, on your CQ at 21:35 EDST
9 Warren Ziegler K2ORS WD2XSH/23 Wayland, MA USA 29Sep06 0300 WD2XSH/10 audible here in Massachusetts on 505.600
10 Bob Riese K3DJC York, PA USA 29Sep06 0315 hearing your Vs through lots of noise,,2315 EDST..... 2318 EDT copy the call as well
you must be in league wit the devil if only 2 Watt input
11 Rob Flory K2WI Hopewell, NJ USA 29Sep06 1008
/10 is king of the band with his 2 watts.  Heard 0150z last night and 1005z this morning. 
12 Fred Temple KN8AZN Conneaut, OH USA







I started copying you at 11.20 PM.  Signal is weak but readable. Copied by ear....

 WD2XSH/10 very strong on 508.003, RST a good 599

You are peaking 45 to 50dB over the noise tonight in NE Ohio

13 Richard Brunner AA1P Foxboro, MA USA





Last night the QRN barrage let up a bit, and W2XSH/10 came through weakly

Armchair copy in Foxboro, Receiver is an old RAL, newly put in service

14 Ev Tupis W2EV Holly, NY USA 30Sep06 0036 Two stations were definitely heard, Definite: /10 and /19
15 Dave Riley AA1A WD2XSH/17 Marshfield, MA USA 30Sep06 0048 WD2XSH/10 loud and clean on 505.55  0048Z
16 Steve Dove W3EEE Elm, PA USA 30Sep06 0053 You're storming in up here on 505.5kHz. Well done!
17 Dale Gagnon KW1I / WD2XSH/5 Bow, NH USA 30Sep06 0203
WD2XSH/10 heard at 2148 Eastern in New Hampshire
18 Mike Troy W2AG / WC2XTC Carmel, NY USA 30Sep06 0240
19 Don Reaves W5OR WD2XSH/15 Little Rock, AR USA 30Sep06 0340 Copied VVV transmission from WD2XSH/10 at 0340Z and 0345Z 505.55KHZ RST339
20 Richard Arland W3OSS Wilkes Barre, PA USA 30Sep06 0410 I am impressed!!!   I have been copying /10 for about 20 minutes
21 John Andrews W1TAG /1 WD2XES Raymond, ME (cabin) 07Oct06 2336 You are getting into Maine OK.  Am listening to you on 509 kHz sending V's, the ID, and Stanfield NC USA
22 Jim Monahan K1PX Easton, CT USA 08Oct06 0103 I've heard my first station:  WD2XSH/10 which was at 0103Z on Oct. 8, 2006 on 509 KHz
23 Mike Reid WE0H WD2XSH/16 Saint Farncis, MN USA 08Oct06 0324 Well it didn't take long to hear Dex's slow CW and that long carrier.....Almost armchair copy
24 Pat Hamel W5THT WD2XSH/6 Long Beach, MS USA 08Oct06 0420

Marginal copy on 509.000 improving now 2/3/9 here in EM50 Long Beach, Ms.    14Oct06:  you you were solid

copy by ear most of the night

25 Mike St Angelo N2MS Leonardo, NJ USA 08Oct06 0432 I received you  2006/10/8 0432 UTC on 509 khz. Your signal peaked at 549
26 Hartmut Wolff   Schoenewoerde, Germany 11Oct06 0010

Attached 2 screenshot of 508 kHz taken last night. The screenshot with the higher resolution shows a frequency

change of 1 Hz for about 20 minutes 00:42-01:02.

27 Jose Estevez EA1PX La Coruna, SPAIN






I'm very glad Dex, the first 500 kHz ham signals that I receive here. .dashes are visible on 10 sec ARGO as well.

Last night I captured, a 40 sec screen with Spectran,  ID of Dex at 5 wpm with quality "M" ( using LF terms).

28 David Crawford KD4WHZ Titusville, FL USA 11Oct06 0030 0030-01Z 11 Oct 2006; 5 wpm CW "VVV VVV VVV DE WD2XSH/10
WD2XSH/10" and long dash.
29 James Renfrew   Byron, NY USA 11Oct06 0057

I am hearing a strong c/w signal on 508 kHz... This is the first of the new operations in this part of the band that

I have heard. "VVV VVV VVV de WD2XSH-10 WD2XSH-10", with a continuous tone between each repetition.

30 Mike Laronda WA1OMI New Bedford, MA USA 11Oct06 0100 Heard you your CW beacon off end of 80 dipole!
31 Brock Whaley WH6SZ/4 Liburn, GA USA 11Oct06 0100 600 Meter beacon heard.  WD2XSH-10  loud and clear at 0100 UTC on Oct. 11.  Very loud on longwire and tuner.

Also clear on built in ferrite antenna in the Sony 2010

32 Fritz Raab W1FR WD2XSH/14 Burlington, VT USA 11Oct06 0136  I have man-made noise at about S4.  You varied from
just above it to S6, arm-chair copy.  VVV de WD2XSH/10
32 Bob Reif W1XP Groton, MA USA 11Oct06 0300 WD2XSH/10 was 559 here in north central MA from about 2300z to 0400z
34 Andre Kesteloot N4ICK WD2XSH/8 McLean, VA USA





Buried in heavy QRN here in my QTH in McLean Virginia, I hear

WD2XSH/10  currently coming in like gangbusters into the Holy City of McLean, Virginia

35 Bob Roehrig K9EUI WD2SXH/19 Batavia, IL USA







Finally heard my first XSH station tonight. /10 is coming in 529 here at 0311Z on 508 kHz. 

Nice sig!  I'll give you a 549 tonight - good signal at 0235Z

WD2XSH/10 copied 5-3 last nite at 0153 and 0345Z on 508 KC

36 Bob Pence W9ORW Valparaiso, IN USA 11Oct06 0305 Received WD2XSH/10  in Indiana EN61ll at 03:05z and again when I listened at 03:56z.Sig was even with noise but Q5.

noise was running S1-3. Using G5RV into Jupiter. Best XSH DX so far.

37 Larry Putman WB3ANQ Pasadena, MD, USA 11Oct06 0347

Very strong signal here in Maryland FM19rc!!  Equipment used RFSpace SDR-14 with Wellbrook ALA100 Loop antenna.

 Click to hear 170kb .wav file of Larry's copy

38 David Stinson AB5S Nevada, TX USA






0500Z 11 Oct checked 600 mtrs.  /10 was very loud easy arm-chair copy at 7 dBm above the nasty local noise floor of

90 dBm/75. My grid is EM13tb.  Receiver is a Cushman CE-24

Here's how Dex sounds at EM13tb using just an Icom 735and a little 6-inch tuned ferrite loopstick antenna on my desktop. 

And his signal is nearly twice as loud now as it was when I recorded this. Note:  I've used my sound processing software

to speed-up the tempo of the CW in order to reduce file size and also to show that Dex is QSO quality tonight.  

 Click to hear .wav file

39 Bill Mabry N4QA Radford, VA 14Oct06 0139

Using a modified Small Wonder Labs DSW-40  (DSW-600)  tuned via DSWTUN95 software + PC Card interface and 80m

endfed wire which is tuned using the tapped tuning coil and 300 pF fixed cap (180 pF onboard + 120 pF external) of the

Heathkit Electronic Workshop 11, aka model SK-40. DSW-40 'T1' (Mouser 42IF123) replaced using Mouser 42IF103

40 Doug Fagan KJ4X Pickens, SC 14Oct06 0200 Signal strength S-5, QSA2-4  Receiver Drake R8B. Antenna Wellbrook 1530+ magnetic loop, rotatable and up about 16 ft.
41 Guy Titman W4NUS Charlotte, NC 14Oct06 0316 (screen capture of Q5 15 wpm CW)
42 Larry Vogt N4VA Springfield, VA 14Oct06 0414

RST -- 339 with lots of QRN.  Signal strength very steady at S3, minimal QSB. RX -- IC706MKIIG Ant -- 130 ft sloper, top at

68 ft, bottom at 8 ft.sloping to the south.

43 Brian VE3MGY Tottenham, Ontario 14Oct06 0805

WD2XSH/10 is Q5 copy and S5 signal strength on the meter right now. Amazingly loud signal. Have been listening for

about an hour and signal has remained loud during that time

44 John Andrews W1TAG Holden, MA 15Oct06 0009 A QRSS3 screen shot from the home QTH is attached
45 Mitch Powell VE3OT London, Ontario 15Oct06 0010 Ur 589 hr in London @ 8:10 pm this Saturday evening. copying VVV VVV VVV de WD2XSH/10 EM95Tg
46 John Brewer K5MO Clayton, NC 15Oct06 0026 Copy /10 here in Clayton.  just attic dipole and TenTec 321 receiver
47 Tom Lau N8TL Findlay, Ohio 15Oct06 0124 Tuning 600 meter band and copied you R5 and S5 cw on 508.003 khz. VVV VVV VVV DE WD2XSH/10
48 Dave Maples WB4FUR Manassas, VA 15Oct06 0117

Copied the CW from /10.  You have well over 10 microvolts of signal here in Manassas, VA. Antenna is a stealthy dipole

up about 30 feet

49 Dean Gagnon KK1K Milton, VT 15Oct06 0200 Copied your signal Q5 and S3 on my bed side Sony 2010 this evening 10/14/06, 2200 Local time
50 Peter Barick   Batavia, IL 15Oct06 0100 Copy /10, 9PM on 10 foot loop. Signal mostly in the noise, but got full copy. Good ID with the string of Vs
51 John Collins KN1H Charlestown, NH 15Oct06 0311

Very good signal, 579 in some heavy qrn.  Receiver is Icom IC-R75 with both  455Khz and 9Mhz 250 Hz filters plus a

Timewave DSP 599zx.  Antenna is 380 foot wire in an inverted-U shape about 100 high at the most and ending at the

water.  listened for over an hour and the signal got better and better     Click to hear .wav file

52 Jimmy Poole KA5WRL Van Buren, AR 15Oct06 0335 I am receiving /10 now at about a 359 RST @508KHz.  Noise is between s6-s8
53 Mark Ewign WA5VQM Carrollton, TX 15Oct06 0710 /10 is into Dallas tonight! 0710Z.   long carrier, series of VVV's, ID, QSL info.... Icom 751 and 80 meter antenna
54 Lewis Denton WA4LIP Lucedale, MS





Caught you last night with ARGO. I was centered on 508

Lewis's recording of WD2XSH/10 calling /6 on 30 Oct 06

55 Bill Curtis N1RIK Southern Pines, NC 15Oct06 1630

Your beacon on 508 khz was Q5 on my 35 ft wire.  My 706mkiig is very poor at receiving signals below 1600 khz. 

Even with the preamp off the CW was Q5.

56 Ken Nartowicz WA3DIQ Monessen, PA 16Oct06 0000

RST 579 no QSB Rig: Icom 706MKIIG Antenna: 126 foot wire.

57 John Oehlenschlager K0JO WD2XSH/13 Verndale, MN 16Oct06 0030 Nice signal into Minnesota this evening and QRN is not too bad.  Easy copy by ear
58 Bill Boyd N4DLN Clifton Forge, VA 16Oct06 0139 Copied WB2XSH/10  S-9 into Clifton Forge VA on 160m diploe and Icom IC-7000
59 John Stanly K4ERO Rising Fawn, GA 16Oct06 1022

Am hearing you on 508 kHz at 6:22 AM EDST with Q5 signals on normal speed CW.  About 15 db above noise floor. 

Receiver is a softrock SDR , antenna is a 160 M dipole fed as a vertical

60 Tim Hynde KA8DDZ Rochester Hills, MI 30Oct06 0330

Earable! whoa if I had TX I could QSO no problem at all.  Equivallent of a QRP report 559. 100% copy except on deepest

of nulls.  Using IC-751A no upconverter, 280' loop at 25' no tuning or antenna compensation just half the balanced line

stuck in the back of the reciever - This will improve soon : )   Click to hear .wav file

61 Bill Wells KG0LD Lincoln, NE 30Oct06 0515

I am copying /10 near 505.95 solid most of the time on Argo reading the dots and dashes easily     /10 did fade out a few

times, but always seemed to come back even louder.   (WD2XSH/10 was sending 5 wpm CW with Argo in NDB mode)

62 Tony Dorbuck K1FM New Britain, CT 15Oct06 0846 Receiver: 1930's Nave RCA DZ-2 Dircetion Finder.  (Click here to read letter received from Tony)
63 Dennis Baker KE0QM Olathe, KS 04Nov06 0037
Your 569 to 589 here in Kansas city area. My receiver is a Ten Tec RX320D with 70 feet of wire.
64 Ken Berkebile   Crown Point, IN 04Nov06








I heard you in QSO with  Dale at 10:21 your local time (sending) temp  40 deg and ant a 95 foot vertical. You signals were

quite good as I was using no filtering such as a narrow CW filter or even an audio filter. The rig is a FRG-100, 3 foot square homebrew loop inside my apartment...(btw, the loop wasn't even resonant at the time

I am hearing your beacon again at 7:20 p.m. your local time.  signals were subject to deep QSB w/sigs ranging from

RST 589 down to inaudible. Half of the time I could copy the audio with the 'phones sitting on the bench

65 Steve Ratzlaff AA7U Elgin, OR 04Nov06 0600
 /10 easy CW copy.  R75, longwires
66 Bruce Long KB4TOW Hildebran, NC 04Nov06 0705 Kenwood R-600 general coverage receiver and a  60 foot random wire antenna up about 20 feet
67 Frank Thrash W4DLZ Carrabelle, FL 04Nov06 0800



68 Tom Palmieri K2PJ Surfside Beach, SC 04Nov06 0945

I copied your beacon this morning at 5:45 AM local time. I'm using an Icom IC718 transceiver and 40M dipole, which

isn't the best antenna for 600M, but I did copy the beacon 549

69 Pat Patterson N4BH Charlotte, NC 04Nov06 1220

I copied your beacon at 506.02 KHZ. Solid copy good and loud, I used my 160 double bazooka antenna and you are solid

copy.  12:20Z was the time into the log.  Sounds Great!

70 David Tessitore K1DT Warwick, RI 07Nov06 2353 Listening right now on 505.9KHz to your beacon, 449, about +26dBuV on a Collins 651S-1 receiver, antenna is inv L, 70ft vert,100ft horiz.  (2357Z) You came up now 569, +27dBuV, solid copy
71 Ed Phelps NN2E Benton, KY 08Nov06 0000 Copying the WD2XSH/10 beacon as I type (0000 Z) it's 539 to 559 with some slow QSB
Listening on 130 ft base insulated vertical and terminated loops (K9AYs)
72 Bunky Botts K4EJQ Blountville, TN 08Nov06 0125
Copy your beacon "loud and clear" this rainy evening here in the Tri-Cities. Signal on the IC 706 did not move the S meter, 
however it was much stronger than the background noise. Pre-amp in RX OFF. Aerial -160 meter inverted L (with radial
system) remotely tuned from shack for multiband operation. Aerial is 50ft high and 120 ft long running east/west.
73 Michael Mideke WB6EER Magdalena, NM 08Nov06 0144

Began receiving your signals on 505.95 kHz at 0144UT, today Nov. 8 (UT)  Finally achieved copy on the web address at

0258.  Using Icom R75 with 250 Hz passband , active preselector and, in the end, a binaural audio filter.  Best antenna

was a 1200' sloper going NE up adjacent mountain.  QRN level was set arbitrarily at S3 and your sig played tag with it,

some cycles of the message inaudible, others peaking QRK 4 for brief periods. "North Carolina" was often armchair

copy but I've yet to get the grid square.

74 Brian Justin WA1ZMS Lynchburg, VA 08Nov06 0325 Using vintage 1920 Grebe CR-8 receiver & Grebe RORK audio amp.  160m dipole.  R 5 S 9
75 Rick Payne KM5HM Magnolia, TX 08Nov06 1010 at 5:10 to 5:15 am.  central time,  I was able to copy.....vvv vvv vvv de wd2xsh/10 grid em95tg North Carolina
76 Paul Ponak AD4IE Charlotte, NC 11Nov06 0345

WD2XSH/10 TIME: 0345Z TO 0350Z Nov 11, 2006 FREQ: 508KHZ  RST: 599 MODE: CW, IC-746PRO, antenna is a 40meter/80meter fan dipole without a tuner at that frequency.  The signal was excellent

77 Dennis Williard KA3BVJ Herdnon, PA 11Nov06 1050

I heard your beacon on 508 khz id was WD2XSH/10  Nov 11,2006  10:50 utc signal weak  rec on a

Kenwood R-1000 ant 200 ft long wire

78 Walt Murphy N2WM Newton, NJ 13Nov06 0008 Hearing your signal on 508.8 Khz 559.  Receiving with Kenwood KW-680 Antenna is a 160 meter inverted L with 82 radials
79 Dave Spencer N1CGP Freedom, ME 13Nov06 0040 I copied WD2XSH  329 on 13-Nov_2006 at 0040z on 508.5 kc
80 Carl Schroeder K9CS Watseka, IL 13Nov06 0118 Heard your signal on 508.5 KHz. The signal had very slow QSB, with strength ranging from S1 to S8 on my S-Meter.  Rx: FT-1000D, Ant: 130 ft inverted L with about 35 ft vertical
81 Jerry Cook K3YKP Sewell, NJ 13Nov06 0307 Your CW Beacon was heard in Sewell, NJ.  Signal strength was S2 on an ICOM 718 transceiver.  Antenna is a 75 Meter Dipole up 35.  Your signal was much stronger than the NDBs that I was monitoring.
82 Pieter Ibelings N4IP Atlanta, GA 13Nov06 0333 About 20+ dB above the noise on the 40 meter dipole.   Using the SDR-IQ serial number 001 with a 10 dB attenuator infront of it and a 40 meter dipole about 10 miles from downtown atlanta. In a 250 Hz CW filter.
83 Jim Minor W2DSX Valley Stream, NY 13Nov06 0336 You've been the only station I've heard on the 500 kc project, and are pretty much rock solid from the south shore of Long Island.  Using a Kenwood TS-570 with a 40 meter dipole at 13 meters
84 Pat Lane W4OQG Memphis, TN 13Nov06 0430 I heard your beacon last night about about 569.  Receiver was a Kenwood TS-570DG connected to a 500-foot inverted-L antenna with the flat-top at 260 feet above ground tied between the two broadcast towers behind the WKNO-TV/FM transmitter building.
85 Sal De Francesco K1RGO East Haven, CT 12Nov06 0140

While working with a small ferrite loop design for 400 to 500KHz, i stumbled upon your experimental beacon.  S8 to 9 peak

I was using an FFR-221 LF receiver.

86 William Price K4WLP Waxhaw, NC 15Dec06 01:30 RST: 599 MODE: CW, IC-7000, antenna is a long wire with no tuner. Signal was excellent
87 Gil Pita N2WJW Hillsborough, NJ 15Dec06 2345 Heard your signal WD2XSH/10 505.9 khz at 2345 utc 12/15/06 in Hillsborough NJ Very clean good copy about 549 using a R-75 with about 70 feet of wire
88 Steve Libby W2XU East Lyme, CT 16Dec06 0135 I just copied your CW signal at 2035 local time on 12 /15/06 in East Lyme, CT on 505.60 KHz.  The signal was Q5 but no s meter reading with extremely low noise level.  This is during a period of geomagnetic disturbances and all the HF ham bands are noisy with very few signals.  I received you with an ICOM 746 pro using an end fed 130 foot long wire approximately 15 feet off the ground.
89 Hector Kessel W2LHL Belle Mead, NJ 16Dec06 0205 Hear your signal tonight at 0205 UTC. No problem copying. Rcvr:   IC-718 with rf amp ON. Ant:  coax-fed 30M dipole
90 Ross Merlin WA2WDT Berryville, VA 16Dec06 0332 Your CW beacon rcvd at Potomac MD (near Washington DC) at 10:32pm EST Friday December 15, 2006 (0332Z Dec 16 2006) on 505.95 kHz.RST 549 - signal varied from S0 to S4, but even at S0 it was well above the noise floor. Rcvr here is Yaesu FT-857, antennas are Comet CHA-250B broadband vertical and Yaesu YA-30 broadband dipole - signals the same on both antennas.
91 Carl Hayes NN5I Tallahassee, FL 16Dec06 0328
Signals extremely weak, but frequency very quiet, easy copy with some QSB.    RST 419.  Your frequency approximately 505.962 KHz. My equipment Icom IC-775DSP   160meter loaded dipole (100 microhenries in center of each leg of a half-length dipole) oriented N-S Dipole center at 50 ft, ends at 20 ft.  My filter bandwidth set at approx. 250 Hz
92 Glenn Farr N4AK Travelers Rest, SC 16Dec06 0545
Copied your beacon 559 at 0545-0600, Dec 16, 2006 on 506.  My antenna is a 204 ft G5RV on the northern slope of  Paris Mountain. 
The receiver was an Icom 718.  I experienced no qsb during the 15 minutes I was copying the signal.
93 Doug Smith WA6GON Huntingtown, MD 16Dec06 1215

RST 225 to 115 in just 20 minutes 0715-0735 hrs 16 Dec 2006 Saturday morning 1215-1235 UTC Zero beat frequency using ICOM 756 PRO III in LSB mode was 506 KHz As the sun came up the signal faded quickly. Weather here is clear, 40 deg F. By 0740 the signal vanished

94 Jim Briles W4JIM Reidsville, NC 16Dec06 1345 Copied your wd2xsh transmissions on .505.930 khz using 20mtr dipole.  RST was 599
95 Rick Robinson W4DST Hendersonville, NC 16Dec06 1910 AR-7030+ receiver and an unterminated beverage on ground antenna about 350' in length.  Your transmission is the first 500KHz signal that I have logged and I was very excited to hear it
96 Daniel Murphy W2GZB Andover, NJ 17Dec07 0134 I am hearing you on 506 KHz RST 589
98 John King WA1ABI Portsmouth, RI 07Jan07 0000
I have only been monitoring 600m for a few nights, and yours is the best signal I've heard yet
Receiver - WJ-8710A, Antenna - 28 foot vertical with 10 ft tophat, with 80m L-network at the base.
(click to hear 72 kb MP3 file of John's excellent copy)
99 David Hochfelder N2HTA Highland Park, NJ 07Jan07 0040

You're the first 600M station I've heard, after trying off and on for a few months.  I mainly do MW and LW DXing now due to space restrictions for an antenna.  I have a lot of local noise on the lower broadcast band and LW, but your signal made it through well, usually a 569 but fading at time to about a 339.  Drake R8B, Quantum Phaser, Kiwa Loop, Quantum QX Pro Loop, copper pipe loop, and CB whip.

100 Dave Thomas W4DIM Madison, AL 07Jan07 0616 Received beacon WD2XSH/10 on 506.840 KHZ lower CW MODE using Ten-Tec Orion and 600 ft beverage antenna on the ground pointed due north.  Signal strength was about 5-2-9 at 0616Z Sunday Jan 7, 2007
101 John Magliacane KD2BD Wall Township, NJ 14Jan07 0304
You're being received quite well in east central New Jersey using a 20-turn 57" x 63" indoor air-core resonant loop antenna and a
quadrature phasing receiver of my own design. (click to hear 143kb mp3 of John's copy)
102 Tom Gutshall W3BZN Altoona, PA 14Jan 07 0436 RS 4/4 at 5:06.5 +/- kc @ 0436  Antenna is 1/2 wave length end fed wire for 160 meters. It is hung in an inverted V fashion with apex at 70 ft ends drop to about 30 ft. One end has a 30 ft. vertical drop to an auto-tuner and 5 above ground radials
103 Tom Fischel W0TDH Cullowhee, NC 28Jan07 0328 SDR-IQ receiver
104 David Hodgson KG4TUY Nashville, TN 28Jan07 0711
Copy your beacon on 506.15 kHz, RST: 579, Rig: Icom R75 rcvr, Ant: About 1200 ft of wire
105 Bob Ripley W5EMC Austin, TX 28Jan07 0200 Tee top Vertical 47 foot with 30 foot top. Receiver IC-7800.
I was tuning for NDB when I encountered your signals. Not moving the S-meter but very Q=5
106 Paul Danzer N1II Norwalk, CT 29Jan07 0150

Monitored wd2xsh.10, with qsb 359 to 589 on 0.507.  RX: IC 756Pro II.  Ant: trap dipole for 160,

approx 120 ft long with 160 loading coils

107 Marty Overman KF4MDX Lexington, TN 30Jan07 0500 I received your beacon on 506 khz.  Your signal report was 5x7. there was very little fading or interference.  My receiver is a Uniden Bearcat model DX-1000.  Antenna is an inverted L at 30 ft high.
108 Laurence Howell KL1X / XE Mexico 31Jan07 0400 Nice audible cw here with the qsb,  TEN on qrss on 506.150   KL1X / XE in Mexico, grid EL60IJ
109 Dave Tomasko K9QU Galena, IL 31Jan07 0245 I heard your WD2XSH Part 15 experimental beacon on a frequency of 506.150 khz. You had a very good signal here (RST 589) on a Harris RF-590 RX with a DSP599zx audio processor and a K9AY antenna
110 Ben Bailey W4SC Red Bank, SC 13Feb07 0051 Received with RFSPACE SDR-14 and 66 feet of wire in attic
111 Jack Jackson W4EFZ Newberry, SC 13Feb07 0052 Received with RFSPACE SDR-IQ
112 Ben Johnson NY0O Mount Union, IA 19Feb07 0347 I picked up your signal tonight here in Mount Union, Iowa.  You were a good RST 579
113 Paul Cooper KA4WPX Between, GA 06Jan07 2320

Just wanted to let you know that I have heard you, on about a dozen occasions, or so, here at my Between, GA, QTH

(167-acre farm) Using only a Grundig Satellit 800, with a 75' random wire (and, sometimes with only the internal ferrite

ant.), I am able to hear you well, and consistantly.   

"Officially,"  01/06/07, at 23:20UTC I heard you, on 507kHz, with a signal strength of 5x7.  Damn fine work!

114 Bill Smith W1OW Douglas, MA 21Feb07 2330 I am hearing your Beacon on 506 khz  RST 539. Receiver is a FT847. Antenna is a 6 ele log periodic.
115 Howard Motley W4PM Mechanicsville, VA 23Mar07 0505 I copied WD2XSH/10 on 506.15 kHz QSA 5 - very solid copy.  Antenna is a 176 foot long center fed at a height of 60 feet.
116 Paul Staupe W0AD Minneapolis, MN 23Mar07 0940 WJ 8711A meter shows -105dBm with QRN, but he's banging through the static crashes on the K9AY loop
117 Jim Pogue KH2AR Memphis, TN 04Jan08 0322 Your sigs were RST 559.  Receiver is a barefoot Sony portable ICF-2010 with the internal ferrite loop antenna.  (click to hear mp3 of Jim's copy)
118 Garry Hess K3SIW Elgin, IL 04Jul08 0200 Your CW signal was copyable by 0200Z here (7/4/08) and stayed in there to at least 0645Z
119 Dave Schmarder N2DS Beaver Dams, NY 24Nov08 0325
I am happy to report hearing your signal beacon signal tonight, 11/23/08 at 22:25 EST.
My receiver is a homemade one tube regenerative receiver using a 12AE10 compactron
tube. I just completed this set a couple of days ago.
120 Kevin Mathison WB8AIZ MOUNT CLEMENS, MI 27Dec08 0020 Nice signals tonight. RST 549. 0020Z Dec.27,2008
121 Dave Glow AA1VX Pepperell, MA 28Dec08 0000 Freq: 506.4 kHz RS = 58 w/QSB Ant: 40/80M dipole facing NW/SE Rx: Icom IC-738
122 Brian Sarkisian KG8CO Clinton, MI 28Dec08 0145 Copying WD2XSH/10 @ 505.70khz +/- 579 into Clinton, MI
123 Steve Sykes W2SES Victor, NY 29Dec08 1215 Copying WD2XSH/10 in QSO at 1215 UTC
124 Nathan Bollinger KB4CWR Salisbury, NC 29Dec08 2304 The signal was very clear. Signal strength was about S6 with very little noise and no interference. My receiver is a Yaesu FRG-8800 and my antenna is a 35-foot coax-fed longwire with the ends oriented NW-SE. I am also using an MFJ-956 preselector.
125 Daniel Flanagan W3DF Westminster, MD 30Dec08 2055
Signal Q5 most of time. Sometimes fades into the noise with very slow QSB.  Rx on IC756Pro3 with 470 ft beverage 7 ft off ground. No preamp.
126 Donald Moth W2MPK Chittenango, NY 09Nov09 0400 RST 539, also copy at 09:00
127 Nicolas Pelatan F4DTL Paris, France 19Nov09 2215 QRSS "TEN" Reception:  Balise WD2XSH-10 QRSS10.gif
128 Ed Hart W4EOU Concord, NC 20Nov09 0500 RST 599.  Rig is ICOM-IC7200. Ant. is a 23ft vertical with the loading coil bypassed.

WD2XSH / 10 Station Equipment
Receiver: Wandel & Goltermann SPM-19 Selective Level Meter modified for external 10 MHz reference from HP Z3801A GPS oscillator
Transmitter: Wandel & Goltermann AR-160 Tracking Generator for above SLM
Power Amplifier: Mackay 2017A Reserve Transmitter modified for 50 ohm output and external exciter input.  Power output of 40 watts with +10 dbm input.
Antenna: Resonant Inverted L 95 feet high with multiple flat top wires.  (Same antenna used on 137 KHz with WD2XKO Part 5 license)



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